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From a clogged toilet, backed up sewer line, or septic tank pumping – our experienced sewer and drain cleaning staff is here to help!  Call 24/7, nights or weekends!

Why Choose Rapid Flush?

Over 70 years in Business

Licensed and Insured

Trained and Experienced Technicians

Best in customer service

We unclog any drain - guaranteed!


No matter where your drain is located – if you are experiencing a clogged drain or sewer line backing up – we will do whatever it takes to make sure your line gets cleared. Guaranteed!



Sometimes you need to see what is causing your clogged drain.  Our technicians can televise your sewer line to see what is causing your problems.

Having your septic tank pumped on a regular basis is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy and effective septic system. Our technicians give a full report when service is complete.


Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to unclog drains and sewer lines of stubborn debris. 

We are the only Michigan based company licensed by the state of Michigan to apply Chemical Root Control to residential and private sewer lines.

Repairs and Replacements

From a simple broken pipe, to a failed drain field, we are able to repair or replace whatever the issue may be. 

Sewer & Drain Services

Experiencing slow or blocked sewers and drains? Roots, grease, and foreign objects can cause unexpected clogs in your sewer or drainage system. Rapid Flush’s experts use cutting-edge technology to clear any clog and keep your commercial or residential system running smoothly.

Septic & Drain Field Services

Has your septic tank or drain field failed you? Don’t replace it, restore it! Schedule routine septic tank cleaning and pumping, septic tank installations or repairs, or drain field repairs with Rapid Flush. Our septic tank and drain field experts provide you with solutions that save you money and keep your systems running for years to come.



Providing a full line of sewer and drain cleaning maintenance services for residential homes in Michigan.


Offering commercial properties emergency drain cleaning services along with important regular maintenance to keep your Michigan business up and running.


No matter what size - we help municipalities provide quality sewer services to their residents with public sewer access.

mobile home communities

From individual lot drain cleaning to full facility lagoon care, we service many mobile home communities in West Michigan.


Helping agricultural facilities small and large to maintain healthy systems and keep animal odors at bay.

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