Root Control for Sewer Lines

Roots in sewer lines cause all kinds of issues – from a sewer backup to broken pipes. At Rapid Flush, we are certified and licenced by the State of Michigan to apply chemical root control to residential and private sewer systems in West Michigan

why it's important

Using chemicals is a big deal; so we make sure it is done right and with the utmost care for you, your family, and the environment.  We provide Vaporooter root control for single residences, home associations, as well as whole mobile home parks.  Contact us to let us help get your roots under control and out of your system!

Rapid Flush‘s foaming Chemical Root Control is a great option to eliminate roots that are in your system.  Just one treatment every 3-5 years helps to keep roots at bay without damaging your trees (non-systemic herbicide) or causing harm to your system. 


FAQs about Vaporooter and Sewer Root Control


Roots can get in to your sewer lines via joints, cracks, or even service connections. As roots are always looking for water to support their growth and sewer lines provide the perfect spot for them to do so. Once in your pipes, roots continue to grow and collect debri; which leads to clogs, backups, and even major breaks in the system.


While cutting the roots is a temporary fix – it really only exacerbates the issue in the long run because just like any plant – when you cut it, you are only “pruning” it which encourages it to grow back bigger and stronger.


Killing roots is the only truly effective way to control roots in your sewer system so that they don’t keep causing problems.


Vaporooter is a chemical that is safe for use in septic and sewer systems. It is non-systemic in nature, which means that it will not damage tree or vegetation surrounding the roots it is applied to.


Vaporooter is a foaming product that works in three ways:
  • Emulsifiers work to remove anything that would inhibit the Vaporooter from coming into direct contact with the roots.
  • A highly effective herbicide comes in contact with the roots and kills them both inside and outside the pipes.
  • A growth retardant remains on the roots to inhibit the roots from coming back into your system for up to three years.


Vaporooter is in a league of its own. There is no product on the market that is as effective at controlling roots in a septic or sewer system as Vaporooter. Both in its form and application – this product is the best there is at killing and preventing roots for up to three years.


Because of the non-systemic nature of the product (meaning it will not harm the host tree or surrounding vegetation), the tree roots will eventually grow back – otherwise the tree would die. Without removing the tree completely, Vaporooter offers the simplest and most effective solution to root control in the industry.