Rapid Flush Drain & Sewer Products

Biology Enzyme Products


Bacteria Enzymes used by Rapid Flush to maintain healthy sewer lines 

SRS Powder

Monthly powder application that helps maintain your residential septic system. Used monthly.

SRL Liquid

Liquid biology for use in residential septic systems to help keep your system healthy

Pro2 Machine

Machine used by municipalities and water treatment plants to significantly reduce bio solids.


Used in commercial and restaurant settings to help break down fats, oils, and grease.


Designed to help aid commercial systems in bio solid reduction at very low temperatures.

BIO Pro Pond

Helps reduce unsightly scum, bacteria and buildup in private or commercial ponds.


Aids in the reduction of h2s gases, as well as odors often present in livestock operations.


All natural bacteria specially designed to be used in commercial sewer and septic systems.


Products used inside your home 

Garbage Disposals

Offering a variety of sizes – with stainless steel blades and cool running motors which increases the lifetime of your unit – our garbage disposals are made to last. Best used when connected to city sewer.

Garbage Disposals

Depending on the model you choose, our disposals come with an industry leading warranty ranging from one to three years. Not recommended for use in private septic systems.

Sewage Injector Pumps

Most commonly used in lift stations – whether in a basement or drain field to pump out sewage. All of our pumps come with an industry leading 3 year warranty on all parts.

Sewer & Septic

Products used outside your home to maintain your city or private sewer systems

Outside Cleanouts

Provides easy outside access to your sewer lines. Makes cleaning out your lines easy and simple - as well as limiting the need to bring machines or equipment inside your home if you have a back up.

Septic Tank Risers

Makes locating and accessing your septic tank much easier. Easier access usually cuts down on time and labor as well as added costs incurred from digging up a lid.

Effluent Filters

Used to filter the effluent that goes from your septic tank into your drain field – helping remove solids from the wastewater and increasing the life of your system.