Sewer & Drain Preventative Maintenance

Do you have frequent drain backups? Or backups that happen at the worst times? Rapid Flush offers unique preventative maintenance plans for both commercial and residential properties to extend the life of your system and save you the headache, mess, time, and money caused by surprise drain backups. Depending on the size of your line, the use of your line, and how often you want it cleaned, Rapid Flush will help you determine the best plan for your needs.

Residential Preventative Maintenance

Eliminate sewer or drain back-ups before they reach your house with a residential preventative maintenance plan. For most homeowners, we recommend having our team of experts visit your property twice a year to preventatively clean out your lines of any build-up.
However, some properties may require custom built preventative maintenance plans specifically designed for your property and the system that is in need of maintenance. Prior to finalizing your customized plan, we will thoroughly assess your lines to make a suggestion that best fits the needs of your specific systems.
You can also practice at-home maintenance to preserve your systems. Treat your drains with care by being cautious of what you’re sending down them — rags, grease, oil, feminine products, and baby wipes are all things that should NOT go down sinks or toilets. Avoiding putting these down your drains can reduce the frequency and severity of backups.

Residential Septic System Maintenance Products

If your residential property has a septic tank, we recommend using Rapid Flush’s unique BioPro SRS Powder for at-home preventative maintenance. By putting this blend of natural bacterial enzymes and micronutrients down your drains monthly, you’ll keep your septic system in good condition. Reach out to us to purchase this product and start using it in your home.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Commercial properties, such as restaurants or food processing plants, often experience more activity in sewer and drain lines. This can cause quicker and more frequent blockages, which is why Rapid Flush recommends commercial property owners choose a plan with more regular maintenance to keep systems running smoothly.
A typical plan involves preventative maintenance once every three months, with our team visiting your property and alternating between small and large sized maintenance activities. Large maintenance focuses on your main sewer line and the secondary drains tying into your main sewer. Small maintenance just addresses your secondary drains, as these are smaller and need more frequent cleaning. This plan can be uniquely customized, depending on the needs of your property including pumping and disposing of your grease interceptor and grease trap waste.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Slow and clogged drains are bound to happen at some point, but Rapid Flush’s preventative maintenance plans ensure back-ups are addressed before they disrupt your daily life and business. Unexpected issues are a hassle — and can be very costly. With a unique program that addresses your property’s specific needs, Rapid Flush is committed to saving you money and ensuring you won’t experience unexpected problems in the future.

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