Grease Removal for Sewers & Drains

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Grease, soap, fats, and oils can enter your commercial or residential drainage system through showers, tubs, kitchen or lavatory sinks, laundry lines, and more. These materials stick to your pipes and resist water, meaning they don’t naturally wash away over time and eventually cause blockages. Depending on how frequently your drains are used and the materials going into them, clogs can happen quickly and with regularity unless an intervention is made.
If the drains in your home or commercial property frequently handle fats, soap, oils, or grease, are running slowly, and have a terrible odor, you may be a great candidate for Rapid Flush’s Grease Annihilation Program. Until flow to the drain is restored, food processing facilities, restaurants, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties will have to shut down, which can be extremely costly. By regularly treating your drains with grease removal, you ensure that messy back-ups don’t inconveniently surprise you and your systems are running smoothly.

Why Choose Rapid Flush for Grease Annihilation

Rapid Flush’s advanced Grease Annihilation Program is guaranteed to mitigate even the most challenging grease-laden drainage systems. We use a combination of several methods, including high pressure hydro-jetting machines, liquid grease emulsifiers, industrial-grade bacterial enzymes, automated dosing systems, and bacterial aeration systems. This process, coupled with our customized preventative maintenance program, effectively removes the grease from drainage systems and ensures your lines are clean and operational.

What to Expect During Grease Removal

In order to determine the best grease removal solution for your property, one of our expert technicians will perform an initial on-site inspection of your drain lines. Using an immediate grease emulsifier delivered via a high-pressure jet, grease build-up is liquified and blockages are flushed out of the pipe. A powerful grease digesting bacteria called BioPro is then administered via auto-dosing device to regularly treat the drain and prevent build-up from reoccurring.

Following our services, you can expect to see a reduction in the severity and frequency of backups in your drainage systems. To help keep clogged drains at bay, it is recommended customers consider a preventative maintenance plan customized to their needs. This may include the use of an automated dosing system which sends a potent mix of grease eating bacteria and enzymes down your drains to reduce or eliminate grease buildup from reoccurring overtime.

FAQs about Grease Removal

The grease removal process entails several different potential solutions, sometimes used in combination with one another to best match the specific challenges of a particular property. Tools and products used include:
  • High pressure hydro-jetting machines used with liquid grease emulsifiers.
  • Industrial-grade bacterial enzymes.
  • Automated bacterial enzyme dosing systems.
  • Bacterial aeration systems used as pre-treatment of waste before discharging to the city’s wastewater systems.
No, all of our drain cleaning and treatment processes are completely safe for modern plumbing systems installed according to code.
This depends on the severity of the grease in the line and what might be required to eliminate or maintain. Frequency can be anywhere between once annually to a few times a month depending on usage and severity of the issue.

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