Septic Tank Installation, Repair & Improvements

Septic tanks are very prevalent in Michigan. If your home or business is not hooked up to the city sewer, waste leaves your building and connects to a septic tank that filters out solids and distributes water into a drain field.
Whether you require having a new septic tank installed or an existing septic tank repaired or upgraded, our experts can provide you with the right solution for your specific circumstance. Our goal is to ensure your septic system works for many years, but systems don’t last forever. We offer advanced septic and drain field solutions, repairs to broken components of a septic system, and patented products that save our customers thousands!

Warning Signs to Repair a Septic Tank

There are several signs to look out for if it’s time to repair your septic tank. If you experience any of these signs or haven’t had your tank inspected in the last three years, call us to perform a septic inspection. Old septic tanks that are in disrepair can be extremely dangerous!

If you are experiencing foul odors coming from your drains or yard surrounding your septic tank, sewage backups, large amounts of water forming around the area of your septic tank and drain field, unusual grass growth around your drain field, and/or a caved in septic tank, call us right away! It’s time to repair your septic system.
Caved in septic tank

Caved In Septic Tank

Septic Tank Improvements

If you’re told your septic system or drain field needs to be replaced, please call our team for a second opinion. More often than not, your septic system can be salvaged and updated to extend its lifespan and create a safer system.

Baffles & Effluent Filters

One of the ways our team of experts can improve your septic system is to replace baffles, which keep sludge and scum out of your drain field. Additionally, effluent filters can be installed to prevent suspended biosolids from entering your drain field which can lead to blockages.
Before: Corroded concrete baffle

Before: Corroded concrete baffle

After: New baffle added

After: New baffle added

Before: concrete baffle fallen into tank

Left two pictures showing concrete baffle fallen into tank and right two pictures showing new baffle with effluent filter

After: New baffle with effluent filter

Anaerobic to Aerobic System Conversion

Our septic system conversion process transforms anaerobic septic systems, a system without oxygen, into an aerobic septic system by continuously pumping oxygen and a custom blend of waste digesting bacteria into your septic tank. After transitioning to an aerobic system, your septic tank will be able to process waste on-site so well that you can use the filtered water to water your yard and garden!
To convert to an aerobic septic system, we start by installing a small air pump connected to a GFI box outside your home or business. Then, we place an air hose underground from the pump to your septic system. Once complete, you’ll process waste right on your property.
Transforming your septic tank into an aerobic system rarely/if ever requires pumping in the future and has a much smaller impact on the environment. A converted septic system eliminates harmful and caustic H2S gas, eroding concrete and damaging septic tanks, posing significant safety risks. It also energizes the bacteria in your septic system to digest material at a greater rate, extending the life of your drain field.
Anaerobic to Aerobic System Conversion

Damage to concrete tank caused by harmful H2S gasses.

“Aerobic “Sludgehammer” System eliminates harmful H2S gasses, restores and extends the life of drainfields”

Septic Tank Risers

A septic tank riser is a large tube made from a flexible, durable material that provides easier access to the lid of your septic tank, no matter the weather (or how frozen the ground is). Installing a septic tank riser makes it more cost effective to maintain and pump your system in the future, because it saves you the cost of excavating the lid of your septic tank for any service, backup, or emergency. The better you maintain and service your septic tank, the longer your drain field lasts and the more likely you are to avoid expensive multi-thousand-dollar repairs.
Septic Tank Risers
“Installed Risers create year round access to maintain your septic system.”

Why Choose Rapid Flush for Septic Tank Installation & Repair

At Rapid Flush, we care about providing you with the utmost professional service to increase the life of your septic system and create a safer septic environment, all while saving you money. It’s why we help our customers restore their septic systems whenever possible versus outright replacing them. Because Rapid Flush is one of the only companies in Michigan which provides complete ongoing maintenance for septic tanks AND drainfields, we design your system so it can be accessed and serviced on a regular basis with a host of different treatments that may be needed for ongoing health maintenance. Our septic systems are uniquely designed to be serviced and maintained based on decades of service. Septic system designs from other companies are not designed for longevity and serviceability. Our systems provide total accessibility to the entire system and are designed to be serviced if necessary. That is why we place the longest conditional warranty on our drainfields. Our systems also include the latest in safety measures to keep you and your family safe as well as maintenance recommendations to ensure your septic system lasts as long as possible.

Septic Tank Safety

Septic tanks can be extremely dangerous and pose unknown risks to homeowners. Not only do we install and repair septic tanks, but our expert team of technicians also inspect the condition and integrity of your existing tank for safety for free.
One of the ways we make septic tanks safer are with locked lids which prevent curious kids and pets from accidently falling into septic tanks. Safety nets can also be installed on septic tank risers as an additional safety measure in case a riser lid has been removed or fails. This ensures no one on your property gets injured as a result of a damaged or deteriorated septic tank.
Septic Tank Safety

“Riser with safety net”

Routine Maintenance

To increase the longevity of your septic system, it’s important to regularly schedule septic tank pumping appointments. Another way to improve the lifespan of your septic system is to recharge it with our industry leading and specially formulated municipal-grade bacteria to restore natural waste breakdown processes.

FAQs about Septic Tank Installation & Repairs

Common signs that your septic tank may need to be repaired include cracks in the tank, root infiltration, signs of corrosion like powdery cement lids caused by H2S and methane gas by-products produced by anaerobic bacterial digestion that occurs in traditional tanks, cave-ins, depressions in the ground over the tank, and sewage backups or wastewater seeping up through the ground around the tank or drain field. These issues can be properly assessed and solutions offered by a septic technician at Rapid Flush following a routine pump out or upon request.
For existing systems, the discovery of needed repairs will occur during a pump-out service while we are conducting our comprehensive inspection process. During this inspection, we assess the functionality, maintainability, safety, and integrity of the septic tank itself. If any issues are encountered we will recommend what next steps are needed and provide you with a written quote of what is required. If you know you need a new septic tank, we can provide a free assessment and quote to fix it. Repairs are scheduled and completed by our certified septic installers. Call today to schedule an appointment.
Installing a septic tank can be costly, so our team works hard to repair your existing tank and provide you with preventative measures to maintain the life of your existing septic tank. The cost of a new septic tank varies based on the requirements made by the local health department, which vary from county to county and may require single or multiple tanks, tank sizes, different types of systems, and other variables.
We do everything in our power to restore your septic tank so that you don’t have to replace it. If our measures to restore your septic tank don’t do the job, we’ll apply 100% of the cost you paid to repair your septic system toward the cost of replacing it.

A traditional septic system creates an anaerobic (oxygen-starved) environment that is not habitable to certain waste digesting bacteria. Rapid Flush’s unique aerobic waste processing system is an oxygen and bacterial-rich environment that digests wastes onsite, eliminating the need to pump your tank and extending the life of your drain field.

An anaerobic environment digests waste slower which can cause waste to accumulate and create a “bio-mat” which is a slimy material that can clog the drain field. By-products of this digestion process are hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S, corrosive) and methane gas (explosive). Aerobic environments produce a faster, more thorough digestion process, creating water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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