Septic Tank Pumping Services

Whether you own a home or a business – If you find yourself facing drainage issues with your private septic system, or it’s just time to have your septic tank pumped – we are here to help.  Our technicians are available to serve you and get your system cleaned out and ready to go.

what makes us different

It might seem like septic pumping companies are a dime a dozen…but the reality is; good ones are one in a million.  We strive to bring quality products, and the absolute best service to our customers. Here’s what sets Rapid Flush apart:

  • Been pumping tanks in Michigan since 1942

  • Experienced technicians who are about providing quality service

  • We offer only the best products to our customers. Our specially formulated bacteria is designed to keep your system healthy and running smoothly – all while being natural and chemical free

  • You receive a detailed report of the health of your system after each pump out

  • Competitive prices

Helpful Information about Septic Tank Pumping


Septic Pumping should occur every 3 years for best upkeep. Pumping is an important and necessary tool to maintaining your system – call us to set up your next pump out.
Our technicians inspect your system during each pump out and provide a report which outlines the health of your system. Maintaining your septic system doesn’t have to be difficult – and we want to do whatever we can to make sure you know what is happening with your system and help prevent any future issues.
While cutting the roots is a temporary fix – it really only exacerbates the issue in the long run because just like any plant – when you cut it, you are only “pruning” it which encourages it to grow back bigger and stronger.
Killing roots is the only truly effective way to control roots in your sewer system so that they don’t keep causing problems.


Is your drain field failing or has already failed? Don’t Replace! RESTORE!
As a partner of Michigan Drainfield, we are able to offer the incredible Drainfield Restoration process that is saving people thousands of dollars all across the state of Michigan. Restoration is a great alternative to a complete drain field replacement.

Throughout Michigan it is estimate that there are over 1.6 million drain fields in use – and approximately 1 in every 6 of those is failing or has already failed. Drain field replacement is a very costly expense, but not your only option.

Restoration has many advantages over replacement, here are a few:
  • It is quick and easy. Typically done in 3-5 hours
  • A fraction of the cost than a replacement
  • Less invasive with minimal damage to surrounding soil and landscaping
  • Immediate and long lasting results
  • No permits are needed – saving you time and money!
  • Added protection with Michigan Drainfield’s incredible Good Money Guarantee
To learn more about the process visit or give us a call anytime!


Our Septic System HMO Plan is offered as a progressive care and maintenance program that is designed to ensure that your entire septic system is functioning and maintained properly and will extend the life of your system by years or even decades. The Plan is backed by our exclusive “Good Money Guarantee”. This guarantee establishes us as your chosen partner in preserving the life of your septic system. We will educate you about your particular system and will assume responsibility for tailoring a program that effectively maintains and preserves your system.


Michigan has seen higher than average water levels for the past few years, and even more with the recent rain fall and flooding throughout the state. Many homes and business’ are experiencing problems with their private septic system as excessive water overwhelms their already struggling systems.


To learn more about how to best protect, care for, and maintain your system that is being effected by flooding – check out this great resource provided by EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy).


What is it?

It is a system that transforms your traditional anaerobic septic system (a system without oxygen) to an aerobic system by continuously pumping oxygen into your septic tank.
Why would you convert your system?
There are numerous benefits to converting to an aerobic system, but here are just a few:
  • It reduces h2s gas, which is corrosive to concrete.
  • It energizes the bacteria in your system to digest organic material at an exponentially greater rate. This greatly reduces the amount of bio solids getting into your drain field and also helps maintain the health of your drain field.
  • The pumps we use are the quietest and most energy efficient pumps on the market. They run cooler than other pumps, which help elongate the life of the pump.
  • When we convert your system, we also install an effluent filter. An effluent filter helps stop bio solids from getting out to your drain field – this is critical to keeping your drain field healthy and working properly.
How does installation happen?
A small pump is placed outside your home (connected to an outside GFI box). An air hose is trenched (placed underground) from the pump to your septic tank.