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Coopersville, MI, a charming city nestled in Ottawa County, is known for its vibrant community and scenic beauty. However, like any other place with a significant amount of vegetation, Coopersville faces the challenge of managing root growth. This can become a problem, particularly for the city’s infrastructure, such as water and sewage lines, where unchecked root growth can cause significant damage. Invasive roots can lead to blocked or damaged pipes, causing costly repairs and potential disruption to essential services. Therefore, root control services are vital for Coopersville. These services can help manage and mitigate the risks posed by invasive roots, ensuring the city’s infrastructure remains intact and functional. They employ various techniques, from chemical treatments to physical root barriers, to keep roots at bay and protect the city’s essential services.

A pipe with a section cut out to show the roots that have filled up the inside.

What We Offer

At Rapid Flush, we are proud to be one of the few companies certified by the State of Michigan to apply Vaporooter. Vaporooter is a foaming herbicide that has been utilized by over 2,200 municipalities in the United States for over 40 years. We specialize in applying Vaporooter to residential sewer and septic lines, providing a highly effective and long-lasting solution. Unlike most drain cleaning services that only cut roots inside your drains, we understand that this is only a temporary fix. When roots are trimmed, they tend to grow back thicker, stronger, and faster. That’s why we go beyond just pruning the roots – we use Vaporooter to kill and prevent them from regrowing, all while ensuring the well-being of your trees.

We take the usage of chemicals seriously and prioritize the utmost care for you, your family or business, and the environment. Our team is extensively trained to ensure that the proper treatment, application, and disposal of any chemicals used are carried out responsibly.

What To Expect

To effectively eliminate roots from sewer or drain lines and prevent their regrowth, our team employs a video inspection camera and a high-pressure water jet with a specialized root-cutting nozzle. This method surgically removes and eliminates all roots inside the pipe. After the majority of roots are cleared, we utilize a foaming chemical herbicide known as Vaporooter. This powerful product not only kills any roots it directly contacts but also eliminates roots up to 5-7 feet away from the pipe by releasing fumes. To ensure long-lasting results, Rapid Flush’s experts conduct a follow-up inspection 6 months after the root control treatment. During this inspection, we televise the line and examine the pipe’s integrity to confirm the absence of regrowth. If any signs of living roots are found, we will provide a second application of the foaming herbicide at no additional cost.

Following our services, you will notice a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of backups in your drainage systems. To ensure you maintain unclogged drains, we recommend considering a customized preventative maintenance plan. This includes incorporating an automated dosing system that delivers a powerful combination of grease-eating bacteria and enzymes into your drains, effectively reducing or eliminating grease build-up over time.

Roots being pulled out of a clogged pipe with a specialized cable tool.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not just another sewer repair company. We are a local business that cares about our community. Here’s why Coopersville residents choose us:

  1. Local Experts: We know Coopersville better than anyone else.
  2. Quality Service: We provide top-notch service that exceeds expectations.
  3. Excellent Customer Service: We treat our customers respectfully and always strive to meet their needs.
  4. Competitive Pricing: We offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

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