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Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection

We Can See Inside Your Pipes.

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection by Rapid Flush

Video Line Inspection

Sewer Line Cameras

Sewer cameras are essential in finding interferences in your plumbing and drain pipes that are located inside and outside your home. Tree roots in sewer lines are one of the most common pipe problems. Tree roots enter sewer pipes through small cracks in the joints between individual pieces of pipe. Our sewer camera specialists are trained to use these sewer cameras which are also equipped with radio transmitters. By looking at a video monitor, observing the problem and using our radio receiver the operators can pinpoint the exact location inside or outside the dwelling within an inch. Using this locating method can save thousands of dollars in excavating costs.

Hydro jetting services to clean your lines

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting, also known as water jetting, is the process of using high-pressurized water to clean and unclog pipes, drain lines, sewer lines, and septic systems. Obstructions often hinder the flow of the entire drainage system. Hydro jetting can often clear stoppages in larger lines or in lines that cannot be cleared with conventional drain cleaning machines.

Rigid electronic sewer and drain problem locator by Rapid Flush

Electronic Sewer Locating

A sewer locating device proves to be an invaluable device when used in association with a sewer camera or a hydro jet. If you are having a problem with your sewer line, Rapid Flush Sewer and Drain can locate precisely where the problem is. This method allows us to know just where to dig and to start our repairs. If your problem exists under the sidewalk, floor, or driveway, this can be one of the best methods to minimize your total repair costs.