Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services We Offer in MI

Our full line of services allows us to fix, maintain, or repair your system in West Michigan,  From residential to agricultural – and everything in between – our technicians are able to clear any clogged drain, repair any damaged sewer line, or replace a missing or broken pipe so you can get up and running again in a hurry. We service Spring Lake, Holland, Muskegon, and more throughout the West Michigan area!

Residential Drain & Sewer

  • We clear any clogged drain, guaranteed!
  • Sewer video inspection and radio locating allows us to see the exact problem and locate it with pinpoint accuracy saving you hundreds of dollars 
  • septic tank pumping
  • In-place NO-DIG sewer repair 
  • High-pressure water jetting 
  • Chemical root control – Biology treatment for septic tanks 
  • Drain field Restoration
  • Drain fields repaired, jetted, and replaced 
  • Sewer line excavating installation and repair.
Rapid Flush technician using drain cleaning machine
Rapid Flush offers municipal sewage and septic services

Municipal Drain & Sewer

  • H2S gas elimination from lift stations and catch basins
  • Bio-solids reduction
  • Vactor services and jetting services
  • Televising 
  • Push camera and tractor camera 
  • Root Control
  • Confined space certified

Commercial Drain & Sewer

  • Grease trap pumping and maintenance
  • Metered hyper aggressive biological FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease) management
  • High Pressure water jetting from 1½” to 24” lines 
  • Industrial rodding machine
  • Cure-in-place NO-DIG pipe repair and replacement
  • Hydro vac—high-flow jetting combination services
  • Vacuum and hydro excavation from 6” to 36” lines
  • Video inspection and locating from 2″ to 36” lines
  • Preventative maintenance service
  • Bio-solids and H2S elimination 
  • Sloan valve repair and replacement 
  • Lift station pump repair and replacement
  • Confined Space certified 
  • Sewer repair and replacement (conventional excavating) 
  • Grease trap installation and replacement
  • 24/7 emergency service 
  • Pump and haul services 
  • Water service replacement and relining
  • Chemical root control
Rapid Flush offers commercial septic and sewage services

Mobile Home Communities Services

  • Televising for main/lateral sewer lines  Tractor and push type cameras 
  • Locating and system mapping electronically 
  • Vacuum truck services (removing debris from risers before setting homes) 
  • Root Control 
  • No-Dig internal pipe spot repair (Pipe Patch)
  • Excavating services for pipe repair/replacement 
  • Vactor Services-catch basin cleaning 
  • Lagoon bio-dredging 
  • Lift station service (confined space certified) 
  • Pump and haul services (bio-solid removal)
  • State of the art technology and equipment

Agricultural Services

  • Lagoon Bio-solid reduction
  • Field tile high pressure jetting
  • Field tile locating
  • Bio dredging